What is Feng Shui?


The purpose of Feng Shui is to create environments where the energy (Qi) flows smoothly to achieve good physical and mental health. 


Feng Shui helps create harmonious relationships, fosters good health, revives energy and attracts prosperity and good health.


Feng Shui uses formulas that help us understand what energy is present in a dwelling. It helps us find the best location for beds, desks and other furniture in our homes and workplaces, where we spend our time.


Certain colours, designs, shapes and materials all help support us in our living environments. The Feng Shui of any building reflects the people who occupy it. This means that whatever is happening in the lives of the occupants, is what the Feng Shui is also indicating.


Feng Shui Tip


The Entrance


A solid wooden front door indicates stability and strength. It is important that the entry is free of clutter, easy to find and bright and welcoming.

A picture on the wall opposite your entrance reflecting a beautiful location or happy family scene, would welcome the Qi into your home. However, mirrors directly opposite your front door, will mean that the Qi will be reflected straight back out of your home.

If your entrance is fairly narrow, you could place a mirror on the side wall to make this area appear bigger and more spacious and even a bright overhead light in this entrance will also help to expand the Qi and encourage it to circulate. 






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