Geomancy relates to the idea that we have a close and subtle connection to the environment around us. This relationship extends far beyond the obvious physical connection that we encounter on a daily basis. It involves dowsing to help gain an insight into the relationship you share with the land that you inhabit.


There are certain powerful currents and lines of magnetism that run invisible through the landscape over the whole surface of the earth. There are subtle energies or earth radiations that directly affect our health and well-being. Geomancy identifies those energies that are disruptive to our lives and balances them.


 It has been shown that Geopathic Stress undermines the immune system over time and increases your susceptibility to disease. Geopathic stress has been linked to issues such as insomnia, nightmares, depression, nervousness and fatigue. Geomancy is a tool that is used to discern and influence the health of the spirit of an area. The earth is alive and by using divining rods we are able to discern imbalances and implement remedies or actions that need to be taken. 


The aim of the geomantic process is to harmonise your site and this is done by neutralising the stresses in your environment.  


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