Colour Your World      

Red is a wonderful colour of strength, courage, confidence, purpose and direction. It helps restore energy, vigour and passion about life itself.                                                                    

Orange is a vibrant colour that stimulates and clarifies. It is a mixture of both red and yellow, two of the primary colours. It clarifies the mind, enabling us to make the decisions that are in our best interest and it encourages communication.


Yellow is a happy and optimistic colour. It encourages the feeling of wanting to get on with life. Very empowering, this colour relates to our gut feelings, taking in of new ideas. 


Green is a mixture of blue and yellow and is a wonderful healing colour, look at our plants and trees. Green is the gift of love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. It is a combination of blue and yellow. 


Blue is a wonderful colour of expression and creativity, it relates to our throat. It is wonderful for the throat, ears, nose, arm and hand problems. It helps give you confidence and help you with self worth. 


Indigo is a mixture of blue and violet and relates to perception and inner vision. Our perception is influenced by our belief systems and personal experiences. This colour relates to the eyes and the mind. 


Violet relates to the brain and central nervous system and it helps with confusion, dementia, delusion and despair.  This colour helps with our belief in ourselves, our abilities and our own identity. 


White is the yang that reflects all colours. It is symbolic of new beginnings and purity of thought. 



I hope that you have enjoyed learning about colours.  

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