Colour Therapy

Colour has the capacity to transform our lives. It can affect our moods, how we interact with others and even how others see us. 


Every frequency of visible light, each colour, creates changes in us at many different levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. By learning to recognise and use colour with awareness you can bring positive and powerful changes into your lives.


The colours of our environment affect us in subtle but significant ways. We bring colour into our lives all the time.  Our choice of colour is often based on an unconscious attraction, which can often reflect your emotional state at that time. As you grow in colour sensitivity however, you will learn to select the colours that you need to keep you in harmony and a state of balance.


                              How I can help you


Rosie can help you benefit from colour therapy by suggesting the appropriate healing colours that you personally need in your home or work environment. This can be simply a colour consultation or in conjunction with Feng Shui.


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